Our Company

Green Designz - where aesthetics and functionality unite to bring you the ideal living space. Where dreams take on forms and color.

Blend with nature and live in harmony . Vastu compliant designs ensure the vital flow of positive energy. Serene and calm or vibrant and colorful, we design to ensure that it's as cosy as the womb.

A design suited to every individual and his pocket. We provide you the platform to express your personality/passions and let it take shape of home. Let you imagination run wild and leave the rest to us.

Our Team

Our qualified and experienced team, in-house architects, design consultants and project managers approach each project objectively in order to ensure an optimum, quality design solution which suits the client's budget and needs. Our service guarantee and commitment to our clients holds true, which is to identify and develop the most appropriate use of space for each individual client and to develop a visual, functional ambience that reflects each client's tastes and values. Accountability is key in this business and rest assured your renovation will be in good and trusted hands in Team Interior Design.

We Don't Follow Design Trends, We Set Them.